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21st century teachers' profiles: Life-long learners

Posted by Mrs Sawsen Abid on December 23 2017, 16:35pm

Categories: #Spotlight on English Tunisia

To be a successful teacher today, you should go digital, blog, share, innovate, and keep learning

To be a successful teacher today, you should go digital, blog, share, innovate, and keep learning

21st Century teachers profiles :  Life- long learners

We live in a knowledge society where a huge source of information is easily and freely accessible everywhere at any anytime of the day, 7days a week, just at a click of a button. In fact,  the proliferation of tablets, wapped smartphones, and portable computers, has led to a drastic change in all fields and facets of life, and education is no exception. Indeed, a new setting of both teachers and learners’ profiles has been shaped and set, paving the way for a totally new learning environment. This latter is no longer the classical conventional 4-wall classroom where teachers are the spoon feeders, and students are passively receiving information. The role of the teacher has changed into that of a guide, mentor, or leader or simply facilitator of learning.

So, if you want to be a good efficent teacher today, you should engineer a truly effective learning environment, where students should be equipped with not only language skills, but also new 21st century life skills such as creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication, computing, problem solving, and leadership.

However, to be up-to-date and set a more enjoyable and permanent learning spirit, you should always learn more in order to adapt an ecclectic communicative interactive approach to learning and teaching. As a teacher, you should never abandon the idea of learning and developping professionally. This is possibly done through different strategies such as consulting references, collaborating with colleagues, attending workshops and conferences (both real and virtual), creating teaching sites and blogs, joinging social groups and sharing new trends in teaching, and finally keeping track of the new things we learn on our personal journal or online portfolios.

This idea of openness to learning is a conviction you should always try to instill into your students every year just from the beginning, till the end of it. In order to achieve such goals,  there should be no harm in students using computers, smart phones and tablets either to present their pieces of work  or to film their experience of presenting their projectwork infront of their peers whether in class or outside.

In nutshell, in addition to our deep passion to teaching, this idea of life- long learning is our only way out to keep up-to-date with this digitally-native generation’s needs and simply enjoy both our career and life.

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